Search Engine Evaluator

I have spent most of my time working as a search engine evaluator for companies like Appen and Lionbridge AI.  Search engine evaluators conduct research and provide feedback that measures the accuracy of web search results, how useful the results pages are, and the relevance of the search result.

It’s a fact that search engines are constantly evolving and getting better, but algorithms can’t do everything humans do.  For instance, Algorithms cannot understand the mistakes made in the text of a website, nor do they understand the relevancy of search results like humans do.  An algorithm can cause content to be ranked high even if there are mistakes in the content or the content is not relevant.  This is why jobs like search engine evaluators exist.  They look at the mistakes and make sure that all guidelines are followed to rate the results. 

As a search engine evaluator you will most likely be rating results from either  Google or Bing.  Your task will be to look at specific results and make sure that they fall within the guidelines.  You will be given an acceptable time frame to complete task.  If you fall below quality standards or  take longer then the time frame specified to complete task you will receive feedback in the form of an email reminding you of the expectations.  Don’t be afraid of the feedback.  Should you be concerned. Yes, I have fell below the quality requirements and  was required to requalify for task.  However, Lionbridge  gave me a chance to improve by redoing practice task without getting paid for a period of time and then retaking the qualifying test. 

Please note that there are several different titles for this role but basically you are preforming the same task in each role.  This opportunity is perfect for those who want to earn between $13 and $15 an hour.