Do you want to do meaningful part-time work from the comfort of your own home.  Gaggle may have the job you are looking for to achieve that goal.

What is Gaggle?

Gaggle is one of the biggest players in student surveillance, in which student work and behaviors are scrutinized for indicators of violence, mental health crisis, profanity and sexuality are monitored.

Gaggle uses and in-house, AI-powered filtering system to monitor everything that a student produces on their school account associated with Googles G Suite or Microsoft 365 suite of tools.  It scans student emails, documents, chats, and calendars, and compares what students write against a blocked word list which contains profanity as well as references to self-harm, violence, bullying or drugs.  The service also runs images uploaded by students through an anti-pornography scanner.  

When Gaggles software flags student content for any reason, it passes the material to a content moderator.  The of the content moderator is to review flagged items and determine if it should be resolved, escalated or deleted.  For example, if a reviewer cam across an imminent risk to student safety(phrase in which a gun for referenced) it is forwarded on to the next level of review.  Some phrases that will be flagged as concerning content are suicide, KMS, knife, cutting, hate myself, along with any other phrases that relay ill content.   

As a moderator you are not allowed to interpret what the student means in reference to the flagged word.  For example, if a student says he killed someone playing Fortnite this can be resolved.  It’s clear that Fornite is a popular video game and no there is no real danger.  However, this is different from a student saying “my mom is going to kill me if she finds out”.  A moderator can’t assume that this phrase is harmless.  It must be passed on for additional review.  A content moderators role is to pass on concerning information for further review.  There are other levels that determine if the content is concerning enough to pass on to higher levels for review.  


  • Experience using web based applications.  You will use the Gaggle interface to complete work.
  • Ability to distinguish between potentially harmful student matters and harmless situations.
  • Experience with tech and social media culture
  • Knowledge of trends and slang used by children and teenagers to help identify potential issues
  • Ability to exhibit tolerance of and respect for others opinions
  • Ability to work independently
  • assess to high speed internet


  • Monitor and analyze students activity to identify potentially inappropriate usage including words, phrases, statement and images.
  • Quickly and efficiently process content while maintaining a high level of accuracy.(275 task per hour, 4 or 5 task per minute)
  • Process for a minimum of 10 hours/maximum 60 hours per week.
  • Escalate questionable finding to safety representative for additional in depth analysis

Application Process

You can apply for a job on Gaggles website.  During the application process you will be required to take a pre-test.  After if Gaggle is interested you will receive the training material to review and the opportunity to take the test.  The test is based on the training material and is not hard to pass.  If you pass you will be grated the necessary access to begin work.

Things to Consider

The non-renewing Independent Contract assignment is not guaranteed for any length of time.  The contract will be renewed or terminated at the end of each month.  Most time the contract will be renewed based on workflow and personal ability to fulfill the responsibilities I listed in this review.

The contract requires you to be able to view content of a sensitive nature including exposure to graphic content that may contain nudity.  I myself have been exposed to a lot of inappropriate material.  It is a given that you will also experience this type of exposure.  If you are sensitive to pornography or use of profanity please do not apply.

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the material reviewed, applicants who work, volunteer or have children at a school district with Gaggles services will not be considered.

Pay starts at $10 hour