Content Moderator

Content Moderators monitor post, emails, or images to decide whether or not it requires a response.  There are several types of content moderators.  But, the primary role is to monitor post, emails, images and even uploads to a social media platform  in order to determine whether or not it requires a response . In this role you may rotate through each channel by checking new uploads, engaging with the community, investigating issues, or reporting harmful and suspicious content to appropriate authorities.

Lets look at the differences in the type of work content moderators perform.  For example, the  Social media content moderators usually focus on user-submitted content, rather than being responsible for verifying anything that other employees post or upload to social media accounts.  The school content moderator focuses on emails and documents of school age children with  the intent to look for anything that is harmful or suspicious to the student or others.  School content moderators found the job particularly rewarding as they have been known to actually prevent harmful situations from occurring by submitting concerning content to the appropriate authorities.

Because of the nature of the job,  the role requires a high cultural awareness of political and social situations that could impact content and the response of users to moderation.  Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a content moderator requires communication skills, interpersonal skills, empathy, and the ability to make justifiable decisions.   Content moderators often help decide what rules to apply to content and announce changes of their activities as necessary.

The pay is between  $10  and $18 per hour for this role.