If you are like me, the reason you want to work from home or start your own home based business is because you are interested in making additional income.  Unfortunately there are companies who are looking to make their income by scamming you.  The one scam that I will be covering in this blog actually creates overhead that you just can not afford to carry.

Having overhead in a traditional business is inevitable.  You have cost of your property rental, salaries to pay, phone bills, inventory and shipping, and all of this is even before you have started to make a profit.  So, in order to avoid these expenses a lot of people like the idea of home based  job opportunities.

There are a lot of opportunities available that allow you to work from home.  You can work for a company such as Lionbridge AI, you can write articles, or you could sell items on EBAY.  But, you need to be aware if the opportunity has a specific commission plan that requires you to purchase a certain amount of product each month in order to stay commission eligible, and that’s even before you have ever made any sort of profit.

You may be wondering what does commission eligible mean?  Well let me go into more detail for you.  Commission eligible means that if you fail to purchase the $200-$300 worth of products each month the company will penalize you by wiping not just some, but all of your profits for the month.  Yes, you read that right.  ALL PROFIT for the month.  So just imagine you put in the hard work for an entire month and start making profit, but you fail to spend $200 that month on products and the company informs you that you will receive no commission for that month because you failed to meet the minimum monthly product purchase.

Of course, they will say you signed the agreement and knew the requirements.  But honestly these companies do such a good job of selling you a “get rich quick” opportunity that a lot of else fail to listen to our inner voice telling us “this makes no sense”.  The whole reason some scams are setup like this is because the company knows that it would be difficult to find customers to want to use their products, so they make their business owners purchase the products and become the customers.

The company will try to justify their actions by saying that every business has overhead but there are many home based businesses that have zero overhead.  So when searching for legit work from home jobs please be suspect of any companies requiring you to buy their products in order to earn commissions.

If you are looking for legit work from home opportunities please read my reviews on Lionbridge AI, Appen and Gaggle.  These are legit companies.  This is my honest experience and I’m not paid any money for endorsing them.