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Looking for something different

Are you looking for flexibility and freedom in a part-time job?  Maybe you seek an extra source of income while working a few hours per week.  No matter which category you fall in remote part-time work may be your answer.

There are many well-know part-time friendly remote jobs like customer service representatives, search engine evaluators, social media specialist and content moderator.

I created this blog to share my experiences working as a part-time  remote independent contractor from the comfort of my home.  I have been doing this type of work for several years as a means to supplement my income.  I refer to it as my at home side hustle.

You may be thinking that it was hard for me to find this type of online work. The truth is that there are several companies that allow you to work part-time or even full-time from home.  Whether you are looking for a temporary solution to help out with bills or for ongoing income, there are some great opportunities to get an online part-time job. 

Listed below are the two most popular types of online jobs.